SLA Reporting

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Icinga Reporting

This product is currently under development. Please follow the Product & Development Updates.



Grafana allows you to define not only Graphite, InfluxDB as datasource but also Elasticsearch and MySQL even. This way you can also use an Icinga database with SQL queries against the statehistory, downtimehistory and notifications tables.



Jasper Reports

This tool allows you to build reports based on different datasources. You can use existing modules which come with pre-defined templates (the old Icinga reports module for example) or write your own query templates and visualization reports.


Icinga Reporting Module
Send automatic state reports each month
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That plugin looks nice, also thanks for the tip to use grafana directly. I looked at the jasper reports but the hurdle to get it going is somewhat high :smiley:
Also, SLA reports are a big part of professional monitoring, so it’s great to see someone is working on making it more easy.