Find or crate SLA templates

Sorry, I didn’t want to start a new thread but this topic is very relevant. I am new to Icinga and wanted to know where to get my hands on some SLA templates for how to create them. I am able to create reports but I have access to only the default template and wanted to find a way add more information to the reports.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey there, I moved your topic out from the SLA Reporting topic, since I feel like this is a seperate inquiry :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing that, I hope I will get the response that will resolve my inquiry.

What do you want to achieve?
What information do you want to add?
Can you provide a mockup?

The reporting module can change the front page of an sla report if that helps.

Icinga Web 2.11.1

When I navigate to the Reporting menu and click on “New Report” the screen presents the following fields:

The last 3 are drop-downs with options to choose from, except that Template is empty.

The default report is a table that shows the percentage SLA, this is adequate but since the possibility of a more colourful display exists I want to take advantage of that. I am hoping to have options to choose how the report is displayed. To that end I would like to see what a template looks like so I can build my own.


Do you use ido or icingadb for historic data?

the template only changes footer header and the frontpage of the report.
you can create on here → icingaweb2/reporting/templates/new

you could create your own module theme and overwrite the styles defined in icingaweb2-module-reporting/public/css at master · Icinga/icingaweb2-module-reporting · GitHub
with !important. that can change the colors of your report.

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Thank you very much.


I forgot to ask, what is the format/layout of a template?


The report is an html table:
Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 01.22.48

Thank you very much.