Events, camps, meetups, CfPs, … anything which drives your #icingalove

Icinga 2 Core

Core configuration/DSL, distributed clusters, TLS, REST API, backends, event forwarding & checks and notifications.

Icinga Web 2

Monitoring web framework and CLI tool questions, AD integration, additional visualization & dashboards

Icinga Director

Configuration UI & automation tool managing Icinga 2 Core. Usability questions, custom import sources and more.

Icinga Modules

Custom Icinga Web 2 module development, your Icinga addons and even more awesome integrations.

Service Monitoring

Monitoring of databases, network, SNMP, hardware, Linux/Windows, etc. - agent less or agent based, anything you can imagine. Check for suitable plugins first.

Visualization, Metrics & Reporting

Visualize monitoring & metrics, create fancy reports and add maps and dashboards.

Automation & Infrastructure

Automate deployments with Puppet, Ansible, Chef and integrate event logging with Elastic/Graylog.

Meta Icinga

Icinga website, infrastructure, this platform and everything else which doesn’t fit in the other categories.


Add your findings and guides for installation, configuration, programming, etc here.