Director 101

Here are the prequesites for the Director Module:

The Module itself can be found at the following location:

Quick entry to the Documentation can be found here:

Feature requests & Issues can be found here:

:open_book: Basic configuration from scratch with an empty Icinga 2 environment is explained language is german here

:video_camera: For all those not very written guidelines appalled people we have some youtube Videos for getting started with the Director here

To Do’s

First step guidelines written in several foreign languages

Our hero of the day would kindly contribute a first step guideline for starters in English.
Like mentioned above sometime it’s better that the guide is viewable because of the nature of the beast the Director is mainly a visual tool for configuration and therefore sometimes better explained in images :framed_picture: and videos :video_camera: . We also encourage everybody to add here video guides and how to’s.



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