Struggling with early steps

I’m not 100% new to the concepts here, but am really rusty. I dabbled with nagios and with early builds of icinga during the ~2007 to ~2010 timeframe, but at the time it was really someone else’s job, and I ended up being an OP5 user, but haven’t touched even that since probably 2013, and I was never a real expert. :slightly_smiling_face:

So with that as context, I’ve got a fresh install of icinga2 and icingaweb2 via docker. Due to the links limitation for new users, I’ll post a reply showing the specific image I used below.

I didn’t try to get tricky with it, standard deployment with docker-compose. I made some edits to a few things because I’m behind a proxy, that’s it.

I have added 4 hosts while refamiliarizing myself a bit with the concepts - the only checks currently happening are hostalive, no agents have been deployed yet, I’m really just 10 feet past fresh out of the box.

I want to add custom attributes/fields to my hosts. That led me here:

Right away I’m at a dead stop. The very first instruction says " First, please got to the Dashboard and choose the Define data fields dashlet:" I have NONE of what it shows on that page in my dashboard. And I see no obvious way to add any of it, specifically the “Define data fields” dashlet.

So searching on the forum after the above led me to this:

Well, I don’t have most of what he shows in the director module either.

So, do I have a problem with my comprehension or a problem with my install?

I’m not averse to doing a lot of this via text configuration either, but if I’m supposed to be able to do it via the GUI then I’d like to understand why I cant.

Thanks for any help!

It made me remove my third link when I made the OP - this is the docker image I’m using:

Do you have installed the director module for icingaweb2? Icingaweb is heavly based on modules to enhance the features. Gui based host editing comes with the Director module which is not installed by default.

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I do, but more importantly with fresh eyes today I realize that i was just being an idiot. Will likely delete the thread, but wanted to first thank you for the reply. Looks like I’m good to go now. :slight_smile:

Hey there and welcome to the community!

And yea, that happens to the best of us! :smiley:
I’m curious now, what happened?

Have a nice day!

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Honestly, I’m not sure. In the first tutorial I linked, it clearly says to go to the dashboard to look for the “Define Data Fields” dashlet - so I looked there and was alarmed when it wasn’t there. Not sure if those docs are out of date or just wrong, but I now realize for sure it’s in the Director overview, not the dashboard.

So it had been a long day when I got to that point, and I suspect that somehow I didn’t go to the overview page when I then found the second tutorial (the Director 101 tutorial from above) and I now think I only looked in the “Hosts” section. :man_facepalming: I could see making that mistake since my focus at that time was explicitly on adding custom attributes to hosts.

Thanks for the friendly responses! :slight_smile:

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