Discussion: Use the master branch or a tagged release?

Coming from Director 101

While this is true…

…this is not:

Rest assured that our master is usually the most battle-tested branch. Of course it could break, but we’re very careful to not let this ever happen. Errors in the master branch are being fixed eagerly. Since the very first release the master provided a straight upgrade path for every moment in time.

Those who are running the master will usually experience intensive care in case something breaks - for free. That’s what makes Open Source software so fast: lot’s of people testing the latest crazy shit in production. We should not scare our contributors by spreading FUD. The whole product benefits greatly from those who live on the bleeding edge. Users of our master branch are always welcome!


Let’s agree that it’s impossible for partners to support anything else than releases.

It’s great, that the community / developers offer so much of support for bleeding edge development.

But if you have to rely on commercially available support including reaction times you definitely have to go for one of the releases. This is especially true for production environments in companies.

This is community.icinga.com, isn’t it?

Yes. The new platform where the community, developers and partners can all come to one place and interact nicely. :smiling_imp:

I’ve removed the sentence in Director 101. We sure have different opinions on what to use and when, please move such discussions into a dedicated topic next time. This one should be an entry point for fresh users seeking advice, you can edit it anytime.


PS: Still, I like the discussion that’s why I’ve moved it here. I’m a friend of helping users with a dedicated version I can always install and setup fast. I don’t like Git commits for that, but Git tags. That’s also what I teach students in my GitLab trainings :slight_smile: