Windows - Disk check Unknown

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icinga2 - The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon (version: r2.13.3-1)

System information:
Platform: Ubuntu
Platform version: 18.04.6 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
Kernel: Linux
Kernel version: 5.4.0-1071-aws
Architecture: x86_64

Sorry if this was already converted. But unfortunately, anything I found either didn’t help or I didn’t understand (which is most likely why it didn’t work).
I have only one server running Icinga2 which I guess it means I have only a master. I was able to add a Windows host (using the Icinga agent) and monitor its ping. But for whatever reason, I cannot for the life of me figure out why I cannot monitor disks (I haven’t tried memory or CPU yet).

Here is what I have in my service.conf file.
apply Service for (disk => config in host.vars.disks_windows) {
import “generic-service”
check_command = “disk-windows”
command_endpoint = host.vars.agent_endpoint
assign where host.vars.agent_endpoint
vars += config
assign where host.vars.os == “Windows”
Here is my hosts.conf file
object Host HOSTNAME{
/* Import the default host template defined in templates.conf. */
import “generic-host”

/* Set custom variable os for hostgroup assignment in groups.conf. */
vars.os = “Windows”
// vars.client_endpoint =

/* Specify the address attributes for checks e.g. ssh or http. */
address = “IP ADDRESS”

/* Define disks and attributes for service apply rules in services.conf. */
//vars.disks = [“C”]
vars.disks_windows[“Disk C:”] = {
disk_win_path = “C:”
disk_win_warn = “10%”
disk_win_crit = “5%”

/* Define notification mail attributes for notification apply rules in notifications.conf. /
vars.notification[“mail”] = {
The UserGroup icingaadmins is defined in users.conf. */
groups = [ “MST” ]
my web UI shows this


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

I switched from the Icinga client to NSclient and I was able to get it working.