Windows agent creates lots of eventlog entries

Hi, the Icinga agent generates a lot of event log entries on Windows systems. Here are some examples:

information/RemoteCheckQueue: items: 0, rate: 0/s (6/min 30/5min 90/15min);
information/WorkQueue: #4 (ApiListener, RelayQueue) items: 0, rate: 0/s (0/min 0/5min 0/15min);
information/WorkQueue: #5 (ApiListener, SyncQueue) items: 0, rate: 0/s (0/min 0/5min 0/15min);
information/ConfigObject: Dumping program state to file ‘C:\ProgramData\icinga2\var\lib\icinga2/icinga2.state’

These entries are written in short intervals (every 2-3 minutes). The question now is whether this is still OK or a sign of faulty configuration. And whether this can be influenced somewhere. I would be very grateful for an assessment and tips. Greetings Rico

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

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Docs part: Features - Icinga 2
On windows you find the mailog.conf under C:\ProgramData\icinga2\etc\icinga2\features-available and could change the severity to something else.

Third post about the eventlog in 30 days, funny :smiley:
I haven’t gotten any complaints about the event log regarding Icinga2 from any windows admins until now.