Many information events in the windows eventlog "information/RemoteCheckQueue...."

In the Application Log form the Icinga Agent (windows) are many events like:

“information/RemoteCheckQueue: items: 0, rate: 0/s (12/min 60/5min 180/15min)”
information/WorkQueue: #5 (ApiListener, SyncQueue) items: 0, rate: 0/s (0/min 0/5min 0/15min);

I have more than three event a Minute. Is this normal? What does this events mean? Can I reduce this alarms?

This should be the communication between agent and its parent.
Agents receives stuff from parent, link config or check requests.
Agents sends stuff to parent, like check results.

If you look at the parent or the master there are similar messages there about receiving check results and so on.

I think it’s a bit much … you hardly see anything else in the event log

If it’s an issue, I believe you can adjust the logging level (I don’t have a Windows server to test with). Maybe there’s a way to more finely tune the logging filter (e.g. WorkQueue) or it could be added? Event Log filtering has improved a lot so I’d imagine it can help you as well.

Thanks for your answers. I think about how to deal with it.

I edit this file
and change
severity = “information” —> severity = “warning”