Vspheredb - using the data for checks


I am pretty new to Monitoring and i am a bit lost, so sorry in adavance if this has an obvious answer that i just didnt stumble uppon yet.
Following situation:
We are using VMware with 13 Hosts and over 400 Virtual Machines.
We have set up Icinga2 with the director and a few other things. We have also sucesfully implemented the vspheredb-Module.
We have sucesfully imported the Source and can see a lot of information under the “Virtualization (VMware)” Tab.
However, we have not set up any notifications/alarms yet. Is there a way to set up alarms for the data provided by the module itself?
Sure, the VMs are now available as hosts and we can assign different checks on them, but it is a bit complicated, given how we have a lot of different Operating systems, some checks require an installed agent, etc.
Which is of course fine when it comes to more complicated or specific checks, but since i can for example see the Memory Usage of a Virtual Machine under the “Virtualization (VMware)” tab. is there a simple way to turn this into a Check that would alarm us / send out a notification once it reaches a certain level?
Are there checks available for this sort of thing? can we create our own custom checks for this purpose ?(if so, can someone point me in the right direction?)
or will we have to go through the trouble of setting everything up manually form another source?
thank you in advance, i am sorry if this sounds confusing

You may want to checkout the Notification Apply Rules and Notification Templates in Icinga Director.

With that you can apply notifcation rules en masse to all of your vmware servers, or perhaps different notification rules for different servers based on a given property (such as host name)

The vspheredb module has it’s own (undocumented) check which can be run from the cli with icingacli vspheredb ...

# icingacli vspheredb
USAGE: icingacli vspheredb <command> [<action>] [options]

Available commands:


Show help on a specific command: icingacli help vspheredb <command>

# icingacli vspheredb check
vSphereDB Check Command

Available actions:

  datastore       Check Datastore Health
  datastores      Check all Datastores
  host            Check Host Health
  hosts           Check all Hosts
  vm              Check Virtual Machine Health
  vms             Check all Virtual Machines

Show help on a specific action: icingacli help vspheredb check <action>

check example for a specific host
'/usr/bin/icingacli' 'vspheredb' 'check' 'host' '--name' 'vmware-host-name' '--perfdata'
The --perfdata parameter should be available with the current master branch of the module.
It can only be used with the modes host, vm or datastore for specific objects, not the overall checks.

Here is the command definition

object CheckCommand "icingacli-vspheredb" {
    import "plugin-check-command"
    command = [ "/usr/bin/icingacli", "vspheredb", "check" ]
    timeout = 1m
    arguments += {
        "(no key)" = {
            order = 1
            required = true
            skip_key = true
            value = "$vspheredb_check_mode$"
        "--name" = {
            order = 2
            required = false
            value = "$vspheredb_object_name$"
        "--perfdata" = {
            order = 3
            required = false
            set_if = "$vspheredb_perfdata$"

With this you then can create services to apply to your host objects and then configure notifications for these checks.

thanks, that sounds like a step in the right direction, will definitly check it out