Use check_load to monitor CPU usage

Hi there,

I’ve just started using Icinga2 to monitor a small infrastructure with few VMs.

Everything was fine until now but I’m facing an issue that I can’t solve alone. Let me describe :

I want to monitor the CPU usage using check_load, here are my config files :




Result when I call the check myself :

Result on IcingaWeb2 :

It doesnt take the warning and critical treshold definition :frowning:

I guess I’m doing wrong with my arguments in my configuration files but I can’t manage to find anything about this.

Hope that someone can help me with this,


where did you get the cpu_load_arguments custom variable from? That’s not how command parameters work, see here.

Also the load check command comes pre-defined inside the ITL. You don’t need to redefine that on your own, just take the power of adding it and set the required custom variables in the service apply rule.

apply Service "cpu-load" {
  check_command = "load"

  vars.load_wload1 = 0.3
  vars.load_wload5 = 0.25
  vars.load_wload15 = 0.2

  vars.load_cload1 = 0.15
  vars.load_cload5 = 0.1
  vars.load_cload15 = 0.05

  // ...


Also, please don’t post screenshots from the configuration, rather use Markdown formatting to allow others to copy paste. Typing things from a picture is not fun.


Even it is the old post, it could be useful information:

The check_load plugin doesn’t check CPU load but system load which is very different. System load is generally number according to the overall status of the system and needs to be interpreted with the past experience.