Theme_mode in config.ini

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I just updated to icingaweb2-2.10.1-1.el7.icinga.noarch. So far all is working as expected.

I have setup the icinga_classic theme module as default in /etc/icingaweb2/config.ini:

disabled = "0"
default = "icingaclassictheme/icinga_classic"

Is there also a option howto set the theme_mode as default?

So far the IcingaWeb2 documentation do provide any changes on that topic:

I would have expected:

disabled = "0"
default = "icingaclassictheme/icinga_classic"
default_theme_mode = "Light"

Can somebody help me to reach the goal?

Many thanks in advance!

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This was unfortunately answered in How can the "Light" theme mode be enforced globally? as not possible.

You could, however, disable theme selection for users. Which you already did, just noticed while writing this :sweat_smile:.

Err: I assumed the theme has no mode support.

Does it make sense to open a feature request for this? Or does the IcingaWeb2 developer team decided on purpose against this feature? I mean it does not hurt anybody to implement it.

Thanks so far. So I will have to write for our users a guidline for those who wanna switch back to Light or keep it by System.

It’s a user preference, maybe even dependent on the system preferences. The theme can be defined as default as it may be a corporate design or whatever. But the theme mode is just a mode, dark or light, so if the corporate design has no dark mode, it shouldn’t support one. The same applies to the light mode.

  • A theme, set as default, that knows only a single mode, does not allow the user to choose a mode.
  • A theme, set as default, that has modes, allows the user to choose the mode.

The theme mode is just an extension to the theme, which is set by default.

I personally see this request only as a result by not liking our default dark theme. The module providing the old legacy theme does not fully solve this as it’s still dark by default, only its light mode is the old legacy design. So even if a feature request is justified somewhere, it’s on the theme’s issue tracker.

My theme supports all modes: dark, light and system. Icinga2 by default uses the dark mode. I would like to chance the default behavior.

As you said correctly, its a user preference. In our team the majority prefer the light mode. So now a team of 20 admins need to switch separately to light mode. Instead of one icinga admin being able to set the default mode for all.

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