Setting up reccuring downtime - how

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I’m new here, so sorry if I’m posting that in wrong place…

I want to set recurring downtime for one certain host let’s say this_host_dt

I went through docs… but I don’t really feel how I should do that…
I have Icinga set up on production (not by me). But I do not really feel which file connects which file… so lets say I have

  • /etc/icinga2/zones.d/my_zone/this_host_dt
    should i add to its configuration

apply ScheduledDowntime “my-downtime” to Endpoint {
author = “icingaadmin”
comment = “Scheduled downtime for my host”

ranges = {
monday = “02:00-03:00”

assign where “this_host_dt” in client.endpoint (??)

To be more precised… I need to set recurring downtime for host this_host_dt and for one service on this host -> ping4
Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

I tried that:

so in /etc/icinga2/conf.d I create a file downtime_test.conf

* The example downtime apply rule.
*/apply ScheduledDowntime "recurring_downtime" to Service {
author = "test"
comment = "Scheduled downtime for backup" 
ranges = {
monday = "service.vars.backup_downtime"
assign where service.vars.backup_downtime != ""
assign where == "this_host_dt"

to /etc/icinga2/conf.d/services/users.conf I’ve added vars.backup_downtime =“18:00-20:00”

apply Service "users" {
import "generic-service" 
check_command = "users" 
assign where == NodeName
vars.backup_downtime ="18:00-20:00"

it doesn’t work though :frowning:

Hi and welcome to our community,

try this:

apply ScheduledDowntime "backup" to Service {

  author = "icingaadmin"
  comment = "Scheduled downtime for backup"

  ranges = host.vars.backup_downtime.ranges

  assign where == "your_host" && == "your_service"

object Host		"your_host" {
    	import		"generic-host"
    	address =	""
    	vars.backup_downtime = {
		ranges = {
		  saturday = "23:00-24:00"
		  sunday   = "00:00-01:00"
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Worked! Thank you so much!

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