Separate notification invervals for warning and critical?

Is such a thing possible without defining two notifications - one for warning and one for critical?

The downside of this workaround would be i’ll likely receive recovery notification twice.

What i would like to achieve is having a service warn 1/day when in warning, and 1/hour when in critical state.

Looks like an issue similar to this came up in another post recently:

TLDR; I don’t think there is a way to do it without 2 rules… Naemon had the concept of “escalations” after a problem was unhandled for too long, but I don’t think it would achieve the result you are looking for here, and even so, I’m not entirely sure it’s implemented in Icinga.

If you’re concerned about receiving 2 recovery emails, if you setup your rules just right, you will only receive 1 (for whichever rule is in effect).