Send automatic state reports each month


I wonder, if icinga2 can handle monthly reports to different mail adresses for specific hosts or services? For example: we check the aws s3 bucket size with the centreon plugin suite and it would be nice, if we could have a monthly report of a check via mail (without being triggered by a notification trigger like warning or critical).

Is there any command / rule I can set for having this kind of notification? Or any third party module for icingaweb2?



Sounds like reporting to me.

There currently is not inbuilt function in icinga2 to do this.

The official Reporting module is under development: SLA Reporting
Also in this thread are two additional methods mentioned on how to provide a reporting functionality.

We currently use Microsoft PowerBI for creating some reports.

Apart from these methods I know of nothing else that would provide some kind of report.

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If it is just for the event history, you can export such a list from the Icinga Web 2 views as PDF/CSV/JSON. In terms of reporting, watch out for Icinga Camp Berlin tomorrow.



Thanks for your replies - I´m looking forward to the SLA reporting feature :slight_smile:

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As the new icinga2 reporting module is available now - is it anyhow possible to create a report for a single host with the current disk size? The icinga2 reporting module presents SLA reports. Is there any other report type possible?

You can use filters and match for a specific host name for example. With a job being scheduled then, you can generate and send such reports as well.

Additional report resources and views will be added later, the 0.9.x release is for early adopters to get more feedback on what’s missing and which direction the “reporting” term should head.


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