Self Monitoring icinga2 master (Agent Based)


New in icinga2. So may be the question is already answered or known to community.

I have installed a master icinga2 server on CentOS
I have installed client icinga2 agent on SUSE
I have graphite
I have director

Now before I ran the $icinga2 node wizard the master server server’s self monitoring was done by icinga2 automatically. But as soon as I ran that and changed it to master it stopped monitoring self.
Can you share any document which can help me to setup both agent and agentless monitoring.
Currently under /etc/icinga2/zones.d/master

I have 2 files
services.conf -> Contains service defination

suse.domain.conf -> Contains Below

object Endpoint “suse.domain” {
host = “suse.domain”

object Zone “suse.domain” {
endpoints = [ “suse.domain” ]
parent = “master”
object Host “suse.domain” {
check_command = “hostalive”
address = “suse.domain”
vars.client_endpoint = name //follows the convention that host name == endpoint name
vars.os = “Linux”

I guess you answered the last question of the node wizard with yes:

Do you want to disable the inclusion of the conf.d directory [Y/n]:

This removes the example config which is part of the package. Hence, the host is no longer “self monitored”. But this is ok as you want to use the director. Means start creating a host object for the master and create any required service objects.

Thank You. Understood why it removed the self monitoring. But on the Master Server since already icinga2 is installed as server - will I be installing another icinga2 as agent on the icinga2 master server ? My other servers have icinga2 agents configured

Also can we have both agentless and agent based monitoring in icinga2 at the same time? If yes do you have any step by step docs around it

No, you just need one icinga instance per node, one is configured as master and other are configured as clients. Have you already read this chapter? It’s a good starting point to get knowledge about the basics as it explains the concept and all details.