Restricted user view not working?


I’ve followed the following how to, however, i’m getting “currently there is no dashlet available, please contact the administrator” when logging in as my restricted user?

I’ve granted permission to…

  • Allow access to module director
  • Allow scheduling host and service checks
  • Allow acknowledging host and service problems
  • Allow commenting on hosts and services
  • Allow scheduled host and service downtime.

…then director/filter/hostgroups is set to “windows-hostgroup, linux-hostgroup”

How about the main permissions for the monitoring objects?

The main restriction must be defined for monitoring/filter/objects . In this example, the user should only see the hosts and services inside the linux-servers group.

Your configuration above only limits the actions. Btw - I did not test this with 2.4.1, so upgrading to the latest stable release might be desirable.


Not run through the upgrade process, very nervous of doing it tbh as i’m close to having everything sorted with the setup! Can I get away with just upgrading icingaweb2 or would icinga2 need upgrading it too based on my versions above?

The monitoring/filter/objectsis also set to windows-hostgroup, linux-hostgroup

Your configuration above only limits the actions.

Ideally I’m after a view only account through which nothing can be changed.

Please share a screenshot of that role.

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That object filter doesn’t look good, it will never match. You’ll need to provide a key, comparison operator and a value plus logical and/or operators.

See the example in the docs:


Thanks, so if I want to list all hosts a simple hostgroup_name=* should do it under monitoring/filter/objects?

If you want to list all hosts, don’t filter the objects at all (=empty field).

Yeah still getting nothing even after a logout / login.