REST API Icinga Directory

Hi Everyone,

Hi am trying to setup REST API in icinga2. But getting the following error

Below is my host.conf file

object Host “XXXXXXXXXXXX” {
import “generic-host”
address = “XX.XX.XX.XX”[“http”] = {
http_uri = “/api/cities”


object EventCommand “send_to_businesstool” {
command = [
“-X PUT”

arguments = {
“-H” = {
value ="$businesstool_url$"
skip_key = true
“-d” = “$businesstool_message$”

vars.businesstool_url = “https://XXXXXXXX/XX/XX

vars.businesstool_url = “http://localhost:8080/businesstool

vars.businesstool_message = “$$ $$ $service.state$ $service.state_type$ $service.check_attempt$”

Thanks in advance

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I don’t have much to add to the topic itself, but I do have a little formatting hint for the config files you shared :slight_smile:
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