Probleme with configuration for this object has not been rendered by Icinga Director

Hello Community ;
I have a problem when i want to modify a service installed via ICINGA DIRECTOR `

The configuration for this object has not been rendered by Icinga Director. You can find it on line 40 in /var/lib/icinga2/api/packages/director/624f77f8-0db7-4cbf-a453-c0542fa4d575/zones.d/director-global/service_apply.conf.

I tried to restart the service and modify the file
here is the content of this file :

> apply Service "SSH" {
>     import "LPR-SSH_Template"
>     assign where in [
>     "",
>     ""
> ] && host.vars.os == "Linux"
>     groups = [ "Service-LPR" ]
>     import DirectorOverrideTemplate
> }

Here is my system informations

  • Director version (System - About): 1.8.1
  • Icinga Web 2 2.9.5
  • MODULE :
  • businessprocess 2.3.1
  • company 1.0.0
  • director 1.8.1
  • graphite 1.1.0
  • incubator 0.7.0
  • ipl v0.5.0
  • monitoring 2.9.5
  • reactbundle 0.9.0
  • Icinga 2 version: 2.13.2-1
  • Operating System and version: Centos7
  • Webserver: Apache/2.4.6
  • PHP versions : PHP 8.0.16

Best Regards

Hello Again ,
I have lunch this command : icingacli director config render
The result is :

Config with checksum bf85ec707e266a045aba39fa14c6b8bba17ba4e5 already exists

But the problem exist !
Any chance ??

Hello , Any update please ?

So, when you had reconfigured this service, you could not deploy, right? If so, did you have a close look at all the warning and/or error messages shown when the deployment fails? They appear in the GUI, but as a rule are quite long, so you have to scroll a bit. (If you wish, I can also give you a command-line alternative for your Icinga server’s Shell, to produce the same warnings/errors.)

P.S. (late edit): In fact, regarding the Shell command, I see that community co-member log1c already did so in this older Director thread - check out their only posting there, last line.

Its not that problem , the problem is all services that have been deployed cannot be changed or modified i always get the error that i mentioned
i have already looked at the logs but there isn’t talking about that, there is this only messages that i got from the interface.

Did you switch the “debuglog” feature on beforehand?