Pkg icingaweb-module-monitoring not available on Ubuntu

It seams that there is no new package for icingaweb-module-monitoring (2.12) in the ubuntu repository but there was one for 2.11.4 which was reintroduced because there was an issue with this behaviour Icingaweb2-module-monitoring update deletes module
but this time in the update process the monitioring module from the machine didn’t vanish.

so here my question:

Is the package gone for good, and the monitoring module, from now on, again part of icingaweb2 as long as the support isn’t dropped completely?

Best Regards Nicolas

Hi Nicolas,

The monitoring module is part of the icingaweb2 package. Last time we’ve added an empty icingaweb2-module-monitoring package for the minor release to not break the Puppet integration but decided to not ship one again for the new major release.

Best regards,