Override automation in icinga

Hi team,

I have created host template service template and added the hosts and services

In future if i need to add diffrent services in the same host template override options are there in director

Is there any automation steps available fo this override

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To be honest, I don’t quite understand what you are asking, would it be possible for you to rephrase the question?

It also sounds like a question about functionalities in the director, so I would move it to the director category…?

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hi thanks for the reply , let me rephrase my question again

We have created a push template and all the single services are applied using this template. When we add a new server, we add it through this template so all services are applied to this new server automatically and it is working. Ex: 10 single services are added to a single template and applied to all new servers that are added. However this automation as of today cannot be overridden and what we are looking for is an override option for servers for which we don’t want all the services to be running or to the servers wherein I have to pass some other information like a username and password or anything else.

Hi @KawhiLeonard93,

you only can override setting for which you have data fields assigned. Let’s make an example:

  • you have a host template named Icinga2Core
  • you assigned the service load to this template
  • the service load is a service template
  • so you register $load_wload1$ and $load_wload5$ and $load_wload15$ and so on (whatever the CheckCommand for load defines) as data fields
  • the you assign the needed data fields to your service template
  • and you specify defaults for these data fields in your load service template
  • and then, you can override these defaults on a per-host base

If you don’t assign data fields, your only possibility is to blacklist the whole service for a specific host.

When you’re talking about lots of servers it may make sense to create an own template for them with own defaults.

Hope this helps – and see you soon?


(PS: Screenshot with “procs” example)

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hi thanks for the reply ,
i already got this override option , but what i want to know is how to automate the override option using director , i have imported a data source now in sync rule i want to automate the override , also how to map this sync property rule with override option with data source

any update over this ?

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