Looking for GUI with Tree View


Our guys are used to Cacti’s GUI, especially Tree Mode. For reference this is what it looks like:

If you needed a similar GUI to display performance data collected by Icinga, what would you use?

The main thing is that you can create a custom multi-level tree and place objects therein. Usually that would be hosts, which, when you click on them display their available graphs on the right-hand side. Additionally you can filter which graphs/services exactly to display (and the timeframe) at the top of the screen.

This need not be 100% identical, but certainly something like that must exist!? What would you use?


Hi @holobolo0815,

I am not aware of any frontend that provides this kind of view. Neither the old classic-ui nor icingaweb2.

Tbh, I am not sure if this is possible with custom themes / views / templates or a custom module in icinga2 and I let this to the guys with more experience in frontend module development.

Did you try Grafana? The layout would be a bit different but you could create dashboards, organize them into folders and people can create their own dashboards to have exactly the view they want.

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The Business Processes module may be able to what you want, but I second what Marcel has suggested - Grafana with folders and templates is probably the best way to go.

You can use the grafana module for icingaweb2 to show one or more graphs.

The recommended way is to collect performance data with each service check (i.e. with check_snmp_interface, check_mk or similar scripts) and write them in a backend DB.
There are several backends like influxdb, elasticsearch or pnp4nagios/rrd available.

Graphs are generated by grafana with data from backend, the icingaweb2 module grafana inserts graphs in icingaweb2 service views based on hostname, checkname and additional parameters.

There is also GraphDash or better this link.

But I havent used it and it probably does not work well with latest versions of Icinga Web 2.