Is it possible to use postgresql with icingadb?

I asked earlier here if there will be support for postgresql when you release icingadb to be use with Icingaweb2 2.8.0. Someone said that it will be mysql only in the RC that was released in Marsh. So I assumed postgresql was going to be supported in the release.
I can not find any information about postgres when reading the release notes etc, so I assume we need to wait with the upgrade since we are only able to use postgresql, or am I wrong? :slight_smile:

Hello there!
The plan for PostgreSQL is to have it added to the RC2.
We are currently elevating a few of our modules to have them usable for the MySQL base just to see how it works out and make sure we won’t trip and fall later. :slight_smile:

Just know that it’s pretty high up on the to-do list, you won’t have to wait for too long!

Thanks for being patient with us, we’re trying our best to have everything up and running as soon as possible! :innocent:

Have a nice day,