Icinga2 service failing: "config validation failed"

Icinga2 was running fine this morning on my Master1. I went to restart the service after removing some endpoints (to reflect these changes on our web interface) and suddenly the service has failed.
Below is the output from “systemctl status icinga2 -l”

It looks like the output is referencing lines 162-164 in the application-servers.conf file (which is the file I was removing endpoints from), but nothing is out of place there. I’m not sure how to proceed and I’m concerned I’ve made a big mistake.

You should run config validation as stated in your screenshot. This will give you more detailed information to fix this issue.

BTW: We always love to see posts formatted as described here.

I was able to figure out the solution after some digging. I’m brand new to this community and appreciate the feedback about post formatting. Thank you!

Would you mind sharing your solution (and marking it as one) in case someone else with your problem finds this post?
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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This error was caused by a commented line earlier in the file that hadn’t been closed. Simple solution, just had to look closer!

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