Icinga2, How it is working with multiple zone?

I have two zone (S1, S2) and each zone has two checker. We manage Icinga2 with director and it’s working very successful.

What I need for example; I have a virtual server by windows os and it is name host01. I want Icinga2 can check hostalive for this host (host01) from S1 zone and Icinga2 can check cpu, memory etc. of host01 from S2 zone.

Is it possible?

well officially no.
director doesnt support overriding the command_endpoint.
and one icinga instance can be in one zone.

but you can try this to have to icinga2 instances on one machine:

If I set cluster zone as S1 for host01 and services (cpu, mem, disk etc) related of host01 then all its ok. Icinga2 checking another controls from S2 zone in same time. But when I set different cluster zone for host01 (hostalive check) and its services, hostalive check working but other its all service checks (cpu, mem, disk etc) does not working.

I think Icinga2 can want be host01 object and host01!cpu object in same cluster zone.