Icinga2 | Elasticsearch Writer showing error "No Handler Found"

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As per my use case, I am trying to writer my performance data from icinga2 into the Elasticsearch. For that I am using Elasticsearch writer. The configuration for whom is given below. After configuring the ES writer as defined in icinga2 documentations, link for that is given below. I am getting below ES writer error in my icinga2 logs. For testing purposes I have disabled x-pack from Elasticsearch to avoid any authentication errors/handling. But still its not working. I require some assistance to troubleshoot this error. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I am using cinga = 2.13.2, icingaweb = 2.9.5 and elasticsearch = 8.3.2.

Elasticsearch Writer Icinga2 Docs
Object Types - Icinga 2

Elasticsearch Writer:
object ElasticsearchWriter “elasticsearch” {

  • host = “”*
  • port = 9200*
  • index = “icinga2”*
  • enable_send_perfdata = true*
  • flush_threshold = 1024*
  • flush_interval = 10s*

Error Shown in Icinga2 Logs
critical/ElasticsearchWriter: Error: ‘no handler found for uri [/icinga2-2022.08.03/doc/_bulk] and method [POST]’. Unexpected response code 400 from URL ‘

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Hello @mohammadkashanzafar!

I’m afraid Icinga 2 doesn’t support ES 8+: