Connect Icinga2 with Elastic v8


I am looking for a solution to send performance data or metrics to Elastic.
Does anyone have a good tip for me what is the best to use?
I have already tried the icingabeat and elasticsearch writer.
icingabeat can not send any performance data and the elasticsearch writer is not compatible with an Elastic v8 -.-.

Thank you

You could wait until this issue is fixed. Or try to put logstash between icinga and elasticsearch (haven’t tested if this would work).


i know this issue and sorry, it is 1,5 years open. Not nice for a monitoring tool, which is used in enterprise environments.
Maybe is is only a little problem.

Maybe the problem is, that the Module try to create a index under the path “xxx/doc/_bulk”
Maybe “xxx/_doc” is correct under Elastic v8.

Not, that the issue is till open when Elastic v9 is released :smiley:


the problem has been fixed in version 2.14.
The connection works now.

But I have another problem. The data is not visible in Elastic.
The metric has been created, but it is still empty. No metric/perf data is visible.

Does anyone know what could be the reason for this?
Thanks a lot!