Icinga2 config and Icingaweb2 dashboard don't match

Hi, I seem to have broken my Icinga2 configuration. The dashboard is showing me old checks that are commented out in the /etc/icinga2 conf files. I’m still getting alerts correctly, sent to a Slack channel, but the dashboard is missing many new hosts and checks.
Perhaps I need to truncate some db tables per Cleanup IDO without loosing historical data ?
If so could I get some specific mariadb commands to do this?

many thanks, Greg

So I tried the truncate tables mentioned in that post above, now I have lost all my hosts. hostgroups etc. Help!

appears I was too impatient. After some time my hosts etc config returned to the db and web.

all good, Greg

Hi, is all good now and what you see in icingaweb matches your expectation or does the initial issue still persist?

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