Icinga Cube Module - data fields do not show up or take a long time to do so

Is this a matter of propagation? I’ve seen this too when I delete a data field called “applications” (yes, confirming to delete dependent host assignments), and radding them, they never show up:

Custom variables:


I’m not sure if the services are not being requested? Chrome inspect > Network

Anything I can check/correct on the CLI or with the API?

Possibly related for future reference:

Hey there,
this looks kind of tricky…

Did you open an issue on github for that already?
I’ll push it over to the devs for analysis for now :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

You images shows only that you try to make cubes for services and not for hosts.
If you want to do it for services also, the variables need to be inside the service object, it will not work for variables from the host.
And it will not work for arrays :frowning: , but i remember that there should be an open issue for this.

Yea I found out about the arrays issue yesterday. Once we get Icinga DB in place and Cube supports that, then we’ll be golden :slight_smile: