How can i add Windows servers critical services monitoring for Icinga2?

Need help to add Critical monitoring services for all windows servers, need help in editing configuration file with steps if possible.

Sorry, but as you are giving zero information about your environment and what(and how) exactly you want to monitor, my only tip will be:
icinga2 monitoring windows server

Currently i have configured icinga2 in a linux based fedora OS and i have added host alive check for some servers, I would like to set Disk alert ( C drive space alert ), RAM usage, CPU usage for windows servers.

Then I would recommend installing the Windows agent and setup checks with it.
Check the docs for a detailed walk though the installation and configuration:

Also the first result of my search engine link describes the agent setup as well.

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I found this , but can you advise how to add the command disk_win_crit so i can monitor disk space for a particular server ?

  1. Install the agent, connect it to your master instance.
  2. Then you can define a service template using the disk-windows command.
    disk_win_crit is just a variable field where you input the critical threshold for the disk usage
  3. define a service apply rule to bind the service to a host object(your windows host object)

I have added Disk space alert for one of my windows client and added the below entries to the host file,
object Host “” {
import “generic-host”
address = “”
vars.os = “Windows”
vars.disks[“disks C:”] = {
disk_win_path = “C:”
disk_win_crit = “C:”

But it does show the service monitor but unfortunately displays the HOST servers Disk space instead of the clients.
Can you please advise on how to fix this ?

Please read the documentation chapter about the basic monitoring concepts.
It looks like you lack a basic understanding of what a host, a service, variables of a host/service and thresholds are.

What you showed in your config snippet will do nothing, if you don’t have a service check on that host, using the needed check command. Also disk_win_crit is the variable for the critical threshold in %, not the partition name.

(please you code style formatting with ``` in the future. See the FAQ thread for details)

I am very new to this and would appreciate some help to fix the issue. Can you tell me if changes made to the code can fix the issue ?

Yes, if you change the config, this can be fixed.
But without understanding the basic concept behind the host-service relations, it will not help you in the long term.

If you also show the config of the service check you want to implement (meaning the service template and the service apply rule) we can point you in the right direction. But this community is not a “post a question, and someone else will fix your problems” kind of one, I hope you understand that :slight_smile:

The goal is to have users understand their problems and work out the solution themselves (or with some help) :slight_smile:
But this requires some work done by questioner (here: you :wink: ) and maybe even reading some “annoying” documentation (speaking from experience myself :smiley: )

Cheers :v:

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