How can i add website names and ip address to icinga?

Am new to icinga and i want to add multiple websites names and ip addresses to icinga so i can monitor their uptime and downtime on the icinga web interface but i have no idea.

Any help.

Hi and welcome to our community. Please read the docs. You will find many basics how to start your monitoring and the http plugin:

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Once you’ve read those and followed the exampes, you should have the basics of
what you need.

If not, feel free to return here and let us know what you have done and what
doesn’t work as expected, giving us as much details as possible to (a)
understand your setup and (b) see what the problem is.



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i opened the host.conf file and added this in relation to my website and saved it but it is still showing down in the web interface ;

object Host “my-server1” {
address = “”
check_command = “hostalive”

object Service “ping4” {
host_name = “my-server1”
check_command = “ping4”

object Service “http” {
host_name = “my-server1”
check_command = “http”

Is pingable (standard command-line test) from your Icinga server?


Sir nothing happened it.

i just want to know what i should do first if i want add the websites names and addresses

Sir nothing happened it.

Does this mean you tried to ping from your Icinga server, and failed
to get a response?

If it does, then your problem is with networking connectivity, not with

If not, then please try a different way of saying what happened when you tested
the ping command.

i just want to know what i should do first if i want add the websites names
and addresses

Addresses should work immediately, provided you have network connectivity
between the Icinga server and the website/s being checked.

Names depend on the Icinga server pointing to a DNS server which can resolve
the name/s into the corresponding address/es.




i pinged the dns of google and it is replying.
i did everything but on the icinga wb interface it is still showing it in downstate ever since i installed it.

I did not ask you to ping Google’s DNS server.

I asked you to ping because that is the address of the web server you
are asking Icinga to monitor.

Just to be completely clear: “Perform a ping test from the Icinga server to
the IP address and see whether it responds.”

If it does not, then you have a network connectivity problem and not an Icinga



I have network connectivity but all I want is you guys teaching me the initial thing I should do first when I want to add the website names and ip addresses like maybe I should be opening some files or something .


can you provide some concrete examples as follows:

  • Host FQDN
  • Website URL
  • IP address

Then we may suggest some possible edits in your configuration. Right now this goes back and fourth with you rejecting to answer @Pooh who really tries to help you. Appreciate that.



Hello Sir,

Sorry for the long reply.