Graphite Web : Unable to fetch metric(s)

I have a graphite module running on the server with icinga2 and another server hosting graphite web.
But I am unable to fetch the metrics.
This is the debug log

+ Icinga check command: 'http'
+ Obscured check command: NULL
+ Applying templates for check command 'http'
++ Not applying template 'response-size'
++ Not applying template 'response-time'
+ Applying default templates, excluding previously used metrics
++ Applying template 'default-host'
+++ Fetched 0 metric(s) from 'http://graphite/metrics/expand?'
+++ Excluded 0 metric(s)
+++ Combined 0 metric(s) to 0 chart(s)
++ Not applying template 'default-service'

I am unable to point out what is missing here.

Thanks in advance for the help.

How are the connection settings for the graphite module looking?
Are you sure graphite web is published on port 80?
Can you access Graphite Web via the browser?

Thanks for the quick response.
The backend for graphite module is connecting to FQDN of the graphite web and yes the it is accessible via browser.
Also adding “/render” to the url provides with an image displaying “No Data”.
The graphite web needs to use the database of icinga2 right? If so, where do I configure this.

No, graphite uses its own database/data structure.
Check out the following how to for a detailed setup walkthrough.

Ok. I will re-configure the graphite web using this doc and check.