Graphite: check_mem does not show graphs older than one day

I have been trying for a long time to get the check_mem graphs to display with more than one day in graphite and I have not succeeded.
I found it so difficult to install graphite with carbon and whisper that I decided to use a docker.
These are my configurations:
My environment is:
Debian 11
Icinga Web 2 Version 2.11.1
PHP Version 7.4.30
Graphite Docker: Docker Hub
graphite Module 1.1.0
icinga2 - The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon (version:r2.13.4-1)


apply Service "memory" {
        import "generic-service"
        check_command = "mem"
        vars.mem_cache = true
        vars.mem_used = true
        vars.mem_warning = 80
        vars.mem_critical = 90
  assign where == NodeName


Im using this check_mem: nagios-plugins/check_mem at master · justintime/nagios-plugins · GitHub


check_command = "mem"

mem.max = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.TOTAL.value"
mem.used = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.USED.value"
mem.caches = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.CACHES.value" = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.FREE.value"

areaAlpha = "0.5"
areaMode = "first"
bgcolor = "white"
lineWidth = "2"
min = "0"
yUnitSystem = "binary"

mem.max = "alias(color($metric$, '#cfd7e6'), 'Max')"
mem.used = "alias(color($metric$, '#1a7dd7'), 'Used')"
mem.caches = "alias(color($metric$, '#ff0000'), 'Cache')" = "alias(color($metric$, '#298a08'), 'Free')"

And on my graphite docker:
docker exec -it d575d15a4f94 /bin/bash
bash-5.1# grep “^[^#*/;]” /opt/graphite/conf/storage-schemas.conf

pattern = ^icinga2\..*\.(max_check_attempts|reachable|current_attempt|execution_time|latency|state|state_type)  
retentions = 5m:7d
pattern = ^icinga2\. 
retentions = 1m:2d,5m:10d,30m:90d,360m:4y 
pattern = .*
retentions = 1m:14d,5m:90d,30m:1y,120m:4y
pattern = ^icinga2\..*\.mem*\..*
retentions = 1m:2d,5m:10d,30m:90d,360m:4y 
pattern = ^carbon\.
retentions = 60:90d

I don’t know why all the other checks show graphs by months and check_mem does not… can someone help me please?

:pensive: any idea? I can’t find the solution.


Since only one service seems to be affected, the problem may be related to the service check interval (icinga2) and the xFilesFactor (graphite / carbon)

Please have a look here.

Useful information can also be found at this topic.

Hope this helps.