[Grafana] iFrame - Self Signed Ceritifcate

Hello everyone,

I have a problem I can not solve on my own again. My Icinga Web 2 is not showing my Grafana Graphs.
To my setup: I have a master on which the Grafana Web Plugin is running. A host on which InfluxDB is running is connected to the master and getting information from the master as visible with the Grafana-Icinga-Metrics and a Chronograf. So this way the communication definitely works. This host does have the full Grafana up to date installation and is also used for other Grafana-Dashboards. I made the icinga2-default Dashboard and have this configuration set up in Icinga Web 2:

So far everything seems fine but as soon as I try to view a graph in a service I will get this error in the browser inspector:

Refused to display 'https://some-influxdb.com:3000/' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'.

And if I now would set the iFrame to Indirect Proxy I get this displayed where the graphs should have been:
So after talking to my colleagues we figured that the problem as stated here is the self signed certificate which we can’t fetch with curl. Does anyone know how and/or where I could fix this?

Thanks in advance,
best Regards.

Have you tried to disable SSL verify peer?

In iFrame it will still give out the same error message in the Browser Inspektor.
If I use indirect proxy all I get is this:

My team and I now solved it with installing and setting up Letsencrypt on the influxdb vm. We’re still having problems displaying the panels. It will always say that the connection is refused but there is not even a try to to connect to the VM as seen in the logs. But the Graph URL in the Service is right and can be opened up in the browser leading to the right graph which is indefinitely odd. I will see if others had the same issue otherwise I’ll open a new thread. Thanks for your help!