Feedback Week Thread!

Feedback Week is upon us again - this week we will ask you some questions and give you all the space to give us feedback about anything related to Icinga!
(You can always leave us feedback anyway, but feel extra invited to do so this week!)

We’re starting off with a poll here:

In order to prepare some topics for the Community Call on friday, we’d love to know what you are the most curious about!

There is still time to register as well, go do that!

What kind of topics would you like us to discuss during the Community Call this friday?

  • Recent Releases
  • Community Events
  • New Developments
  • Company Decisions
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Comment below if you have any specific questions!

What do you feel like the forum here is lacking? And how could we improve the experience for you?

This forum has been seeing some minor improvements and updates over the years, and we would love to make it a more welcoming place :slight_smile:

I’d like to see more activity from the moderators e.g.:

  • help (new) users for proper formatted posts
  • rearrange posts when posted in wrong categor(y/ies) e.g. Tutorials and Guides
  • Take more care about unsolved or even unanswered posts e.g. involve your developers, consultants etc.
  • re-activate unanswered posts-link
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We’re constantly working on improving our documentation, and we’d love to hear back from you what you thing we should focus on!

Where do you see the biggest need for improvement in the documentation?

  • Structure
  • Quality of explanations
  • Links for references
  • I like it / something else
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We’re interested to hear about how you use Icinga.
Do you use a very customised setup or are you sticking to the basics?

How many modules are you using?

  • Only monitoring / Icinga DB
  • 2-3
  • 4-5
  • A lot of them!
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We’re interested to see how the distribution between IDO and Icinga DB users is.

This is a question we have asked in the previous years as well, and we’re looking forward to seeing how well Icinga DB is doing now!

So which one are you primarily using? IDO or Icinga DB?

  • IDO + Monitoring Module
  • Icinga DB
  • A mix of both
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Do you actively use the dependency objects in Icinga?

  • All or most our infrastructure dependencies are represented in Icinga
  • We have selected dependencies represented
  • We use different tools to reflect dependencies
  • We don’t use dependencies at all
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We would love to hear more from you about how you are using dependencies - if you’re willing to tell us more, sign up to the Icinga Insiders and we could hold an interview!

If you have questions about the insiders program, join our Community Call on friday!

If you have ever written you own plugin, addon, script or module, you can publish it on

And it’s also the place to go, if you are looking for something to use, so you don’t have develop something yourself!

So what we would like to know is: Have you ever published something on

  • Yes!
  • Only downloaded something
  • I have never heard of it!
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Do you have any monitoring horror stories?

We’d love to hear your stories, be it monitoring horror stories, success stories, or about something cool you built with Icinga!

If you have a cool story to tell, would you be willing to write a blogpost with us?

If you would like to use our platform to talk about something you’re passionate about, shoot us a message via our contact form!

This goes out to all contributers!
Whether you contibute code, answer questions in the forums, organise meetups, speak at our events, or help us out in any other way - thank you!

And for all that haven’t yet, we’d love to see what you can bring to the table! :slight_smile:

We would love to know what motivated you to start contributing to the Icinga project?

We would love to know what motivated you to start contributing to the Icinga project, and how did you get started?

  • Needed a specific improvement
  • Learning through contributing
  • Giving back to Open Source
  • Something else
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In the past we’ve had quite a few Meetups around the world, where Icinga users would get together and talk about their experiences.

We love to see that, and are happy to help with organising and to send some merch, and maybe even some people from Icinga your way!

Let us know if you are planning something and would like us to assist you!

Would you be open to organise an Icinga Meetup?

  • Would love to again!
  • Yes, but only with help
  • I would visit one nearby
  • No Meetups thanks
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Do you know about our Customer Stories?

We’re constantly working on writing about how our customers use Icinga and what their environments look like.

If you want to, you can also reach out and help us make another success story happen!

Now to our question:

What interests you the most about other people’s setups:

  • Custom Developments
  • Their environments
  • History of their setup
  • Something else!
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Our Icinga Summit is happening in June. This is going to be our first multi-day event, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!

In case you weren’t aware, there is already a scholarship program for students and marginalised groups you can find here.

And we were wondering:

What is holding you back from attending the Icinga Summit?

Is there anything we can do to help?

  • Money
  • Time
  • Location
  • Some other reason
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Did you check out our YouTube tutorials that we did last month?

Markus Opolka from NETWAYS sat down with us and explained how to develop your first Icinga Web module, and what the different components of a module can do.

If haven’t heard of them, or haven’t had time to watch them yet, here is where you can find them :slight_smile:

What did you think of them?

  • Will go watch them!
  • Not interested.
  • I want more!
  • Didn’t like them.
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We are currently working on getting an official Icinga Certification set up - with the first ones starting at the Icinga Summit.

We are also planning to offer it to be taken online.

Now we would like to know what you think:

Are you interested in getting certified as an Icinga Professional?

  • Yes, I need that
  • Yes, I would like that
  • Maybe in the future
  • No thank you
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It would be a big plus to be able to request the certification from the consultants we hire. Points of attention:

  • the certification should be valid only for a definite period of time
  • the exam should be easy to take, ideally any time, online
  • the cost should not be too high (under 500 EUR)
  • the level should not be too low so it really means something to be certified
  • the scope should not only cover Icinga, but all modules, including Director for instance

Thank you!


Our Community Call is starting in an hour!

Get ready to watch on YouTube:

Or join us in the video chat to ask Questions: Icinga » Events

We’re loking forward to meeting you!

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After a technical hickup, we moved stream location:

Thank you all for participating! The results from our Feedback Week are in!
Read all about it on the blog in our summary blogpost!

Hey there, sorry for the late reply!

Those are some super valid complaints

  • help (new) users for proper formatted posts

For this we already have an onboarding with the markdown guide, but you mean messaging people when they post something that is badly formatted, if I unserstand you right?

  • rearrange posts when posted in wrong categor(y/ies) e.g. Tutorials and Guides

This is definitely something that I used to do more actively before, I’ll put it back on my daily to-dos. If you happen upon a post that is in the wrong category, you can always flag it to let us know!

  • Take more care about unsolved or even unanswered posts e.g. involve your developers, consultants etc.

This one is a bit of a tricky one, as the forum is mainly meant as a by-users-for-users system. Every developer at Icinga has an hour a week set aside for the forum, so they can answer posts. This is voluntary though. If I see a post that could benefit from some more “official” help, I usually try to message the person who is most likely to be able to help solve it :slight_smile:

  • re-activate unanswered posts-link

Now that you mention it, I don’t actually know what update removed that. I’ll look into it!

Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Hey there!

Those are some very good points and they also align well with what we were already thinking about.

Our main struggle is trying to prevent cheating with online exams.
The current implementation that we are working on is trying to combine a screen recording and webcam recording to make sure that people don’t try to google for the answers, but it’s of course also not foolproof.

Do you have any further suggestions for that?