Feedback Week 2022

Hi Icinga friends,

we love the Icinga Community feeling and appreciate you - each and every member - because you have each other’s backs and that’s awesome to see!

Thank you for that – for your questions and your answers. Speaking of which: Feedback Week is happening again! :slight_smile:

Mark your calendars, turn your notifications on or do whatever it takes to tune in next week, starting Monday, 2022-02-27T23:00:00Z - here in the Community, on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook!

5 Days, 5 Topics, a bunch of questions and new Community Heroes, which we’re going to choose!

We need you and your voice, so get ready to be heard!
Watch the YouTube video below, where Feu and Jessi have more information for you regarding next week: Feedback Week Announcement - YouTube

Leave a heart, if you are as excited as we are! :blue_heart:

Hello Everyone!
The time has come, feedback week is here!

So we will start off with the first question - our first community hero!

Which community member do you feel does best in solving topic here in the forum?

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Which platforms do you use for Notifications?

  • Icinga 2
  • PagerDuty
  • SMS
  • Other

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Feel free to reply to this comment with any other ways you use notifications or interesting details about your setup!

What are your favourite dashboard views?

Which is your favourite theme?

  • Dark Theme
  • Light Theme
  • Accessibility / High Contrast
  • Something else!

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The next two questions come as a package deal:

How do you style your comments?

  • Markdown
  • Plaintext
  • I don’t use comments
  • Other format

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Do you link content in comments? What kind?

  • Images
  • Ticket Reference
  • I don’t
  • Other

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Have you ever contributed to the Icinga Project?

  • Yes!
  • I don’t know how
  • I don’t know what
  • Nope

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Was there a point where you wanted to contribute, but did’t know how to?

We would love to make contributing more accessible to you, so we would love to hear your feedback on these points:

  • What did you want to change?
  • Why didn’t you go through with it?
  • Which projects did you want to make a change in?
  • What were you missing to go through with it?

Maybe you can help us optimise our searches a little bit, so tell us:

What are you most often searching for on demand?

  • Custom variables
  • Object names (hosts, services, groups, …)
  • Comments (author, content)
  • Other configuration (IPs, timeperiods, …)
  • Something else

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Which language is your Icinga Web set in?

  • English - Company dictated
  • English - Chose it myself
  • Something else - Company dictated
  • Something else - Chose it myself

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Let us know which languages you are using!

How important is it to have Icinga Web in your native language?

  • I need it!
  • It would be convenient
  • I don’t care
  • Other

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Which OS do you use for your Icinga?

  • Non-Enterprise Linux
  • Enterprise Linux
  • Windows
  • Multiple / Other

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What are your favourite features of the Icinga DSL?

Leave a comment!

Do you use any of these legacy features? If so, what for?

  • I use them
  • I don’t use them
  • They are deprecated?!

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Can you describe how your process for sending notifications works?

Are you using a Docker setup? Any painpoints?

  • I am!
  • No Docker for me.

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What are the biggest painpoints with the CA?


Have you used Icinga with an external CA?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Never personally used CA

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Do you know these checks?

And why do you use / not use them?

  • I use them
  • Know and don’t use
  • Didn’t know, might use
  • Didn’t know, won’t use

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Biggest painpoints from a security perspective are the very long runtime of certificates and having no certificate revocation.

The runtime does not need to be as short as for a webserver but with such long runtimes it is quite likely an algorithm will become insecure in this timeframe and there should be no need for it as there is a refreshment of the certificates already available.

The missing revocation prevents from disallowing connect at all, communication is quite limited for a system without endpoint or a user being removed, but being able to also revoke the certificate would be a much cleaner state.

New day, new community hero!

Who shared the most monitoring love here in the community forum?

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