Feedback Week 2022

  • generally we’re sending notifications only if this is explicitly requested (by change)
  • for hosts where a kind of “SLA” is set to 24x7 a mail-notification to a SMS-gateway will be sent for an oncall-duty-team when the CRITICAL hard-state is lasting > 20 minutes (hosts and services) or changes back to OK
  • currently the default notification-settings are not modified (all status-changes etc.)
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Do you use Director?

  • Yes!
  • Mixing Director with DSL
  • No Director for me

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Do you use Icinga for Windows?

  • I do
  • Not yet
  • I won’t
  • Don’t know it

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  • What parts of Icinga for windows do you use?
  • Which are the painpoints?
  • Why not use it if you have windows?
  • What could we improve upon?

Icinga for Windows looks to me being too complex and has too much releases within a short period of time. I’ve been seeing many complains and issues about it here and too much open issues even very old at github.

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Do you use the reporting module?

  • Yes
  • Didn’t know about it
  • No use case for me

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And which kind of information do you miss in the Reporting module?
(Apart from SLAs, do you need graphs? What would you like to see in those graphs?)

Which metric system do you use?

  • InfluxDB
  • Graphite
  • OpenTSDB
  • Other

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Do you use any tools for logging?

  • Elasticsearch
  • Graylog
  • Others logging tools
  • Nope!

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And would you like to have those logs be shown in Icinga Web - and which ones / which timeframes?

Have you tried the IcingaDB RC2 yet?

  • Left you feedback
  • Worked fine
  • On my To-Do List
  • Maybe when it’s released…

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We are in the process of designing a new solution based on Icinga and OpenSearch. We’d highly appreciate an icingaweb-module for OpenSearch Dashbaord.

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What do you think about being able to format output with Markdown in your own plugins?

Are there any Icinga Community members that YOU want to thank? That you feel like they did a lot for the Communityor the project? :slight_smile:

Would you like to attend our Icinga Camp in Berlin this summer?

  • Yes Please!
  • Can’t say yet
  • Not comfortable
  • No interest

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More about it on our website!

What are your experiences with the Community Forum?

  • Got great answers
  • Existing topics helped me
  • Not very helpful
  • I don’t use the forum much

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What are your experiences with the communication on GitHub?

This lacks an option like “I could help others” for those that are here to help primarily and to get help secondarily. :wink:

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That’s true!
I didn’t really take that into account :see_no_evil:

Outside of Feedback Week: What are your thoughts about our posts on Social Media?

Like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - And are there any topics that you would like us to cover?

Have you checked out Icinga on Gartner?

  • Already left a review
  • I read them
  • I’ll check it out
  • Not interested

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Also check out Capterra and if you feel like it, write a review here!

And for the last question for the feedback week:

Do you have any nice words we can pass on to our developers?