Director Background Daemon


My icinga director daemon is not starting up. its shows the error as below

Daemon has been stopped at 15:32, was running with PID 735 as icingadirector @ monitoring

Can someone help me out in this one?

Thanks in advance…!


Please show the output of:

which icingacli
icingacli module list

Hi Devin,

Please find the list

share which icingacli ?

Please find the desired result

Okay now try these

grep director /etc/passwd
su - icingadirector -s /bin/bash
icingacli director daemon run --debug --trace [stop this if it is running ]

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Thanks for all your help.
Along with your commands I have also run the command

service icinga-director restart

This resolved the issue

Getting the following error -

icingadirector@monitoring:~$ icingacli director daemon run --debug --trace
Running without systemd
RuntimeException in /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/director/library/Director/Daemon/DaemonDb.php:161 with message: DB is locked by a running daemon instance

check this

or please try reinstalling the director with all the requirements matched