Deleting Scheduled Downtime on parent host not deleting downtime on dependent child host

Hello and good morning everybody,

I had successfully setup a parent <-> child dependency using dependency apply rules.

When I schedule a downtime on parent host with option “Schedule non-triggered downtime for all child hosts” the downtime is successfully propagated to the child host as expected.
When I delete the scheduled downtime on the parent host the downtime on the child host stays active and is not deleted.

I just want to ask if this is “normal” behaviour or if I am missing something?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Hello Thomas!

No, this is not the normal behaviour since v2.13.0:


Hey Al2Klimov,

thank you for your reply.

Is the PR which you linked not a different topic, it sounds like the scenario:

  • schedule downtime on host with all services on host
  • remove downtime on host removes also the downtimes on the host services

My scenario ist:

  • parent host ↔ child host via dependency apply rule
  • schedule downtime for parent host → downtime for child host is automatically set
  • delete downtime of parent host → downtime of child host is not deleted automatically

We use Icinga2 version: r2.13.4-1

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You’re right, but this PR introduces the functionality of cascade deletion in general (and links service downtimes to their hosts’ ones). To link also the child hosts’ downtimes to the parent’s one is just one line of code to change, here:

I consider that change a good idea.

CC @jbrost