Best Practice on Changing Scheduled Downtimes

Hi All,

I found this old topic:

But solution provided there is no good for me, so looking for some best practices.

Issue is that (please note I’m not using Director) when I change scheduled downtime object then I’m landing with 2 downtimes on my service - old one and new one. My current workaround to remove old object (as it’s runtime object) is to disable/re-enable host object.

This is not great because then when I re-enable Host object then I’m loosing history for it in IcingaWeb2 so I don’t have historical data about services etc.

Can somebody advise on better solution to refresh this in case of change?

Icinga2 version 2.13.7


Hello Dariusz!

Don’t the old ones vanish periodically?


HI @Al2Klimov

To be honest I maybe was too inpatient and observed it only for 1-3 min.

Let me keep an eye for it for a little bit more time and let you know. If yes, that’s a solution!