Database IDO clustering


I’m setting up my company’s instance of Icinga to use two master nodes in an HA setup. It seems that most examples of Icinga HA setups have the DB IDO on a separate server or even cluster of servers and I’m wondering what the advantages of this are. In particular I have two questions:

If the database becomes unavailable, is it the case that Icinga checks and notifications will continue running but just the web front-end and history logging will stop?

If so, are there any advantages to having a separate DB server or clustered DB setup besides improving web front-end reliability? Is it purely for performance and availability reasons?

Thank you for your time

Check this thead and see if it answers some of your questions:

There are also various other threads concerning the database in a HA setup (just search on the forums).

AS for this I’m not sure.
I think I read something about some kind of queuing if the database is not available. But I couldn’t find it just now. And even if there is, I think it will only be for a limited time.

Maybe other after more realiable information on this :slight_smile:


This is 100% correct :slight_smile:

source: Icinga development team :wink:

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