Collection of Important Topics for the Icinga 2 Category

This category is about the Icinga configuration/DSL, distributed clusters, TLS, REST API, backends, event forwarding & checks and notifications.

The links below are cornerstones of the Icinga 2 category, so go and have a look around!


If something went wrong with your Icinga Agent, it’s always good to have some guidelines to troubleshoot with yourself. So have a look at our troubleshooting topic to get started.

Even more info about troubleshooting, debugging, development and technical concepts surrounding Icinga can be found in this collection.

Rest API overview

In order to manage your Icinga 2 application and to get info on your objects states have a look at our Rest API topic.

Migration to Icinga 2

If you’re coming from Icinga 1.x or Nagios and want to make the switch to Icinga 2, you can find some guidance in our migration topic.

Icinga DSL

Our domain specific language is rather easy to use, once you understand the basics. In order to get there have a look at this topic which gives you some exapmles on what the DSL can look like.

Icinga Benchmarks

Since Questions on the topic of what knid of benchmarks Icinga has to show for itself there is this topic here, where you can talk about your environment.