Cannot display Grafana graphs

Hello everyone,

I recently installed Grafana in my icinga enviroment, i followed this tutorial:
It works in grafana sides but when i try to embed it into my icingaweb it does not display graphs

I tried to enable the debug mode so i think i should be able to see the graph or at least the error message but i don’t see either of them

Even Grafana logs doesn’t signal any error, I’m very confused

I saw this, but i don’t know how to upgrade the versions, maybe this could be a problem ( I see it’s working by now but maybe it is not?)

Hope someone can help, Thank you!

I you don’t use icingadb, you need to use a older release of the module:

Oh, ok

I have just installed Grafana so I don’t have any particular structures into it,
is the best practice to icingadb or to change the version?

Thank you


icingadb-web is replacing the monitoring module.

monitoring used the old IDO DB while icingadb-web uses the new icingadb and Redis.
I hope I will manage to migrate this year.

Sorry for the late reply

so can i just remove influx db and use Icingadb?

Yes, you can switch to the new Icingadb-web but you need to follow the upgrade path.

Ok thank you, and the alternative is to purge grafana module in icinga and then reinstall an older version, i hope 1.2.1 will work

Thank you!

Yes but if you set up a new system, I would go with the IcingaDB and not downgrade the Grafana module.

Ok you are right just one thing

I have already set up

Could it create trouble with them? Or is it a standalone module?

Icingadb-web is a standalone module but it needs the IcingaDB and Redis.

Ok i think i will downgrade the module at the moment, i will change later, but i can’t find any grafana module report < 2.0.0, where do i find it? Or is there a particular way to downgrade an icinga module?

Thank you

Nothing special, just replace the folder of the module.

ok thank you !
I found the correct release!

Perfect, now the module is working!

Just another little problem, i installed the renderer but i can not see any actual graph :sweat_smile:

Maybe you want to use my patch?

Then you no longer need the renderer (when you use it only for icinga) and it is much faster than using the renderer.

Apologies for (slightly) hijacking a thread here, but I’ve been following the
guide at
grafana/blob/master/doc/ for getting Grafana integrated with

Under “Grafana Preparations” is the statement:
“Depending on which mode (proxy/indirect proxy/direct/iframe) you want to use
you have to set some configuration in Grafana.”

What’s the difference between these modes and how would I decide which one I
want to use? I have no idea why one might be better than another in any given
setup, and therefore how to choose which one I should go for.



Thank you, i will try your patch and reply to you as soon as possible :slight_smile:

For iFrame, you have to set ‘allow_embedding = true’ in the Grafana configuration. Probabely you also have to grant anonymous access to Grafana.

Hello everyone,
Sorry for late reply, i still have the same problem, but it’s strange, i can’t see datas but it seems working correctly
Can someone explain me what happening? I can’t see any error message

Hi Niccolò
When you click the alternate mouse key on the graph and open the link to the graph in a separate window, you may see more.
When you use the new icingadb, you have to use the newest version of the grafana module. I will test it soon.