Best Practices / Experiences with Voice / Phone Notifications

Hey guys,

we are using phone notifications for several years now.
We use a perl script called “”, unfortunately I do not know if it was written of our corp or if was written externally / open source.
The script sends a smtp to an open smtp which than creates text2speech to our telecommunications system.

Now our colleagues are in the process of updating / upgrading their phone service that we use.

I would like to know of you guys, what applications or modules you are using to send voice / phone notifications to mobile or phone numbers or even to create text2speeches.

I did not find anything similar in

For SMS we use smstools coupled with Ericsson F5531gw mini-PCIE card (any of the four digit cards should work just as well). You just drop a text file with phone number in the first line and it starts sending.

Thanks for your answer, i appreciate that!
We already have a good working solution regarding sms notifications, we use a paid external provider for this.
But as I said, unfortunately we are going to upgrade / change the voice e.g. phone call notification which I now hope to find good examples for. :slight_smile: