AppImage read error

Hi all, I just inherited our Icinga instance and trying to resolve on of the AppImage errors.

DISK CRITICAL - /tmp/.mount-{app}-random string is not accessible: Permission denied

Does anyone know how to ignore these or have Icinga ignore the tmp directory on centos 7?


Welcome! Side note before I dive in, we like to use markdown formatting for posts, so you should checkout this post:

With that said, this looks like a service check that is only checking the mount point for a given app. If this is the case, removing the service (not sure if you’re using the director or configs for this), that mount point may not be monitored any more, but it is one option.

If this is the case, it also seems like the icinga user doesn’t have permissions to that directory, and this issue could probably be resolved if you add the permissions.

It could also be that the {app}-random_string part of the path is hardcoded into the service, and the path no longer exists and it just needs updating.

Lastly, it could be that none of the above is the case, and you don’t care if it’s monitored or not. Assuming this service definition is using the check_disk command, you can specify the -I flag:

 -I, --ignore-eregi-path=PATH, --ignore-eregi-partition=PARTITION
    Regular expression to ignore selected path/partition (case insensitive) (may be repeated)

This is a good learning opportunity for you to figure out your environment. You should check to see if you guys are using the Icinga Director module for configs (easily done by logging into Icingaweb2 with an admin account and check if you see “Icinga Director” in the left-hand pane), or if you guys are using configs (by default located somewhere in /etc/icinga2/

These docs should help you with what you need. They apply to config files, but the same concepts can be applied to the Director module (you just have to poke around a UI to find them):