Zone '' is not connected. Log lag: less than 1 millisecond

I’m struggling with this error: “Zone ‘’ is not connected. Log lag: less than 1 millisecond”.

For some reason, the host agent isn’t connecting to the master server.
I installed the agent the same way I did for all other nodes and, the agent installation occurs seamlessly, but, for some reason, I keep getting this error on icinga server.

Any tip about how can I sort this out?



Can you share some configuration it would be hard to tell without some logs / configs.
Also what topology are you installing ?

I am sure you have seen this but I am posting it any way for reference:

Hi @Willian,
Thanks for the help. Yes, I have already read it, and, if I didn’t miss anything, it’s supposed to be this way.

Well, it seems to be working fine now.
Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what actions have sorted this out, but I guess it started working after I launched a new instance from a previous backup and reinstalled the agent.

Anyway, thanks for helping

I just realized the root cause.

The problem is it’s a reverse-proxy to expose just a few endpoints, and problem is I configured nginx to listen on port 5665, which didn’t allows icinga’s agent to start listening on this port.

Solution were configuring nginx to listen on another port.