X509 Trust store is empty

Hey there,

every time i try running icingacli “x509 scan --job selftest” (scanning localhost:80) i´m getting an
error that my trust store is empty.

ERROR: RuntimeException in /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/x509/library/X509/CertificateUtils.php:375 with message: Trust store is empty

But the import seams to work
icingacli x509 import --file /etc/apache2/mycert/cert.crt
Processed 1 X.509 certificate.

I´m also able to check the certificate details in icingaweb2.

Did someone encountered a similar error?

Sounds like an interesting problem you’ve got there.

Have you tried using the “–trace” and “–debug” attributes with the command you’ve posted? If so, could you please post the results?

The kind of soulution was to switch from debian 10 as hosto openSuse.