X509 Scan only returns hostnames - ip address is cryptic

Hello dear Icinga community,

I’d like to share my experience regarding the host scanning process with you. When attempting to scan for a host using the following command:

icingacli x506 scan --job s1intranet3

I’ve encountered an issue where the host gets recorded in the database, but the IP address is missing. Instead, random symbols appear in place of the IP address. Strangely, this issue seems to occur consistently for every host I try to add to x509.

All the other details, including the hostname, are displayed correctly. It’s only the IP address that isn’t showing up correctly.

Interestingly, when I manually add the host through MySQL and insert the correct IP address into the “ip” column, it displays accurately in IcingaWeb.

Here are some details about the environment in use:

  • Icinga Web 2 Version: 2.11.4
  • PHP Version: 8.1.22
  • Modules and versions:
    • director 1.10.2
    • doc 2.11.4
    • graphite 1.2.2
    • incubator 0.20.0
    • monitoring 2.11.4
    • translation 2.11.4
    • vspheredb Master
    • x509 1.2.1

Thank you for your valuable assistance.

the latest release contains this problem when using mariadb/mysql
the bug was fixed but there is no official release yet.
you can try the master branch → not recommended
or check out my latest bugfix release:

Thanks a lot for sharing this info; that bug was seriously driving me up the wall! Sorry for asking, but could you quickly walk me through how to use your bugfix release?

Do you think there’s a new update coming soon, or should I just go ahead with the bugfix?

Appreciate your help!



install -d -m 0755 "${TARGET_DIR}"
wget -q -O - "$URL" | tar xfz - -C "${TARGET_DIR}" --strip-components 1
systemctl restart icinga-x509

no idea when there will be an update, that’s up to icinga