X509 Module: icinga2 check commands


I´ve installed the newly great x509 module. Is there any check_command, which I could use the old way round? I´ve checked the documentation, but didn´t find any check_command, which I could use at the service definition. I´m not using icinga director till now because we´ve got many hosts and services, which were created the old / classic way (= conf files).


there’s an entire section about the check command in the documentation :thinking:

The command is part of the icingacli so there’s no separate binary if that’s what you’re looking for.


Just ensure that Icinga is able to access Web 2’s configuration directory.

Icinga 2.11 will include a template for this command which you can of course integrate manually in the meantime.


Just a note: The Vagrant boxes use snapshot packages which is why the CheckCommand already is available inside the Director/ITL. Adding it manually e.g. in global-templates/commands.conf with 2.10 doesn’t hurt. If you’re using the Director, add it, restart Icinga 2 and re-run the kickstart wizard to see it under Commands > External Commands.


Thanks, how can I add icingacli commands to the commands.conf? My try doesn´t work:
object CheckCommand “x509_check” {

   command = [ "icingacli x509 check host"]
   arguments = {
        "--host_name" = "$host.vars.x509$"
        "--warning" = "1M"

No, just copy the raw text from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Icinga/icinga2/45433e5c915c27cfa425aebbd94f86e2c60a1e33/itl/plugins-contrib.d/icingacli.conf (the x509 parts).

Thanks, I could set the object command, but it seems to be a further problem to execute this command:

ERROR: Cannot read enabled modules. Config directory “/etc/icingaweb2” is not readable

icingaweb2 is set to apache:icingaweb2 and read access is granted. Does icingacli run with a different user? The x509 module is available at enabledModules and modules with config.ini placed. So I don´t know, why this error occurs.

@nilmerg already was so kind to tell you :wink:

Thanks, seems to be a monday today :wink:

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