Windows Service Monitoring

I am trying to find the best possibilty to automate the windows service monitoring…Ours is windows workshop & we have 200 servers count… every server has multiple services & some are repetitive… we have list of services(count around 1000) needs to be added to icinga… i have been trying find the best possible way to automate… Can you please help on this?

I would start by asking: what system are you using to install / maintain /
update these machines?

I’m assuming that with 200 servers and 1000 services, you’re using some
configuration management tool to get things installed, keep things updated, and
replace servers when needed, so that must contain the information you need
about which machines run what, which is what you need to get into Icinga.

Tell us how you’re doing that, and we might be able to come up with
suggestions on how to get from that information to a managed Icinga
configuration setup.




I agree with @Pooh that we should first know how you distribute software. For example do you use Ansible, SCCM or something self-written like with PowerShell. Also if it is possible to install icinga as agent on the servers or not.
Also how your icinga installations looks like? Do you use the director? Maybe you have a CMDB with the Information of your enviornment which you could Import into the director. etc. etc.

Hi, take a look at this example: Icinga2 Powershell Framework [Feedback]

You could replace the $disklist thing with some get-service (local or remote) for every Machine. Additional youy could use the Icinga Powershell framework to deploy the agents in the same script.

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ALL - Many thanks for your response…

Our Icinga Master is Linux Server & we don’t have any satellite configurations… Just master & client…
All client machines are windows servers… we have no configuration management technology in our company… But to install the Icinga2/NSClient++ agent we have used the powershell module that comes from icinga2 director… through SCCM we have installed all servers… it was powershell written…

SCCM -> remote server registration with icinga director -> install & configure icinga2/NSClient++ agent -> Trigger remote api call for jenkins job to add appropriate host file on icinga master…
this is the workflow…

At this time i have been trying with icinga2 director to make service template & deploy… & will add custom attribute to hostfile… this is what i have been thinking… Please correct me? & advise on this

Ok, if you install the agents with the PowerShell-Modul and you are using the director, I think the best way you deploy the check with the director. You define the services, commands an apply rules there. The agents gets the configs from the director and the agent will run this checks

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